A Kiss Between Strangers

I kissed her with my eyes

She kissed back

Our exchange sustained

In the space between us

The distance narrowed

To arm’s length

I opened my mouth

Words fell out

Popping as they hit the ground

She said something too

That felt like a lasso

Tightening around my neck

We should have left it at a kiss

Away From Children

I envy this quite hour

This time away from attention

And questions and those in need of me

I envy the cough

That finds room to echo

And the calm and the time to do things

I envy this quite hour

Where thoughts can be completed

Where breath can be remembered

Where the noise is in the distance

Far away


The Sun Has Melted

The sun has melted

It moves now like lava

In a lava lamp through space

Earth and its inhabitants

Are subject to a trillion 

Variations of light

Noon has a strobe effect

Good for trance parties 

Bad for the epileptics

It is beautiful though

To watch the sun morph

Into endless globular forms

And bounce off worlds

Like a shape-shifting pinball  

In this universal arcade