How much do I need?

I suppose all of it would be enough

All of it here, all of it everywhere

Bring me all the fish in the ocean

All the birds in the sky

Bring me all the trees

And all the vegetation

Bring me all the soil

All the precious stones

Bring me all the rhinos

All the whales and dolphins

Bring me all the corral reefs

All the oil and rain forests

Bring me all the bees and flowers

All the elephants and tigers

Bring me all the mountain gorillas

Bring me the last of them

Bring me the skulls of children

To drink all the water from

Bring me your souls

In parcels of silence

Bring me this precious moment

In which you stand by watching

Bring me enough

To keep this extinction trail going

Littered with the bones of the future

Bring me everything

Until I have it all

Though it will never be enough