My dogs smiles at me; it loves me
I who had its balls cut out for my own convenience
I who leased it when it would roam free
Does its tailor made DNA even remember the forests,
The hunts and the packs it moved in
Meals torn from bone
As appose to a bowl full of pellets
My dog would die for me its captor
Of course it gets to sleep all day
And occasionally run on the beach
Or join me on a hike in the wild
Where something stirs in it
And its ears prick up
And its wet nose twitches
As it catches the scent of what it used to be





We have forgotten our manners, all of them
Sure the door is open but there is no welcome
We greet only when greeted
And only out of habit
Without shaking hands or meeting eyes
Hugging seems out of the question
We are lost in our own worlds
Entire worlds where we are alone
With only our worries for company
When alone
It is easy to walked around the world many times
Around and around
Like a clown balance/walking on a big ball
Destined to fall


Why must I should what I want to say?
Why must my life be lived your way?
Why must the poor live on their knees?
While the powers that be do as they please?

Still I will have my say
And live my way
Even if I do it alone
For none can sway
Try as they may
This voice I call my own


No we will not forgive, we will never forgive
We will shun forgiveness
And doom our children to an endless war
As our ancestors did before us
And theirs did before them
Because we are angry
And find our anger justified by scripture
Religion offers us paradise in the next life
And hell in this one
Because that is how we want to see it

We read the scriptures with one eye closed

We are blind to the verses that speak of love
That speak of peace and brotherhood
We find no justification for our hatred in them so we don’t see them
Or when we do we say that they are only for our own
That only those who believe as we believe
Are worthy of love
Are worthy of the God that created all
We alone are special, we alone are chosen
Therefore it is alright for us to murder
And do what we condemn in others
The path to heaven is paved with blood
Paved with murder because we read the scripture
With one eye closed and one eye open
Seeing as holy any action that gives us vengeance
That lets us judge everyone but ourselves as if we are God