The Mask


I wear the mask so others will see
What I think they expect of me
I wear a different mask for each
And keep myself out of reach
I wear the mask as others do
Mask to mask who is who?

I wear the mask so you will see
Not what I am but want to be
I wear the mask I wear it well
Face or mask who can tell?
I wear a mask that wears me too
As I forget who is who

Dear Jacob Zuma

Dear Jacob Zuma


How is the lying and the cheating and the stealing going? I see you’re making good progress in dismantling democracy. You’re also doing your best to turn the races against each other. We acknowledge your efforts in these areas.

You have avoided all of your responsibilities to the best of your abilities. You are fantastic at putting your own interests ahead of the county’s. You’re getting even better at taking money that should be going to the poor and giving it to yourself and those in power that support you. You are getting so good at this that you now do it in public without even trying to hide it. You are great at making others lie on your behalf, with everyone knowing that they are lying for you. We acknowledge them too.

No one man has ever done a better job at ruining our economy, at wasting our resources and undoing what was achieved in the struggle. For this and more you deserve recognition. Make no mistake we will remember all that you have done.
Yours sincerely

The People