Lost in You

I long to be lost in you to find no way out
To know the heights of your dreams
And the depths of your deepest secrets
I want to squeeze into the corners of you
To touch where no hand has been
If I had but a few words
Before death’s dark oblivion
I would unfold my heart
Until no thicker than paper
So that you may mark
The mark you made in me
And know it will remain
Beyond the final beat
For if love more true than fact
Does not outlive the flesh
Then the soul itself is fiction
And all this less than a dream

Fate’s Music

Fate plays all of us to a tune we don’t know
Thou at times we dance to its beat
But who prey tell is the conductor
Is it us with our dreams
And songs in our heads
Or does destiny make
The music that moves us
Are we improvising
Or is it written
I would wager both are on stage
That we are at our best when in harmony
Only these things are certain
We are not alone in this orchestra
We all have our diminuendos and crescendos
We all lend our strains to the symphony
And the curtain falls on us all