Power = Responsibility

Why do some people say we should not vote at all?

They do not believe they have any power anyway and do not want to take the effort to participate. Instead, they sit back and criticize the whole system (even the parts that work), even though they use the system when it suits them. All of this they do while pretending to be rebels. In reality all they achieve is the continuation of the corrupt parts of the system which their abstinence gives power to.



The day will come when they will be true
When every word of them will be nodded at
And written in a book so made sacred
In the deep future people might even
Put their hands on its cover when taking an oath
Or being sworn into high office
Churches could be built around them
Prayers may rise to them
Inevitably there will be an alter
And sacrifices
Suffering in the name of healing
One day they could well be
The kind of system they rebelled against
They might go from being a key to a shackle
Then it all starts again


Let us pretend that all is well in our country
That our leadership is worth following
That they are telling the truth when they lie
Let us pretend that the roads are not crumbling
That the lights are on every night
That the money we pay is being spent wisely
That the people who need help the most are getting it
That it is safe to walk alone at night
Or in the day time
Let’s pretend that we are living in harmony
And not slowly turning against each other
Because we want someone to blame
Most of all let us pretend
That there is nothing we can do about it
Because as long as we believe that
We don’t have to do anything
We can just carry on living our lives
While the country we live them in
And everything that could unite us
Breaks into ever smaller pieces
Until we have nothing left but our fantasies

Forged by Fire

I do not fear the fires of life
Nor when the hammer pounds fall
Who knows what strength
May come from strife
To one that faces all

I do not hide my tears when wept
I let them fall where they may
For if within the tears are kept
They will water and grow the pain

I fear not truth’s heavy anvil
That doesn’t budge a bit
For it turns my will to steel
And I forge myself by it

But none, not the fire blasts
Nor the hammer falls
Nor the anvil
Can shape me or ever will
Lest I am malleable