An Apology

I am sorry South Africa
Sorry for the sins of my ancestors
And those of my colour who stood by and did nothing
I apologise knowing that no apology can ever undo what was done
Or ever excuse the horror of it
I am sorry that I only knew what apartheid was once it was over
That I know people who say, “kaffir”
And that I sometimes I get tired of arguing with them
I am sorry about the displacement of your culture
And that you are expected to fit into mine
Which is far from flawless
I am sorry about the rape and murder
The theft and humiliation
The land taken over
The histories forgotten
I am sorry that I was too young to join the struggle
That I only saw it as my own
When I understood that we are all human
That we are all equal
That equal is all we have ever been
And will ever be
And I am grateful
That I stand before you now
Without my illusions
Because now I am free

Bless black people

I took this photo in response to the University student who wore a shirt that read, “Fuck white people”

2016 pic 046