The day will come when they will be true

When every word of them will be nodded at

And written in a book so made sacred

In the future people might even

Put their hands on its cover when taking an oath

Or being sworn into high office

Churches could be built around them

Prayers may rise to them

Inevitably there will be an alter

And sacrifices

Suffering in the name of healing

One day they could well be

The kind of system they rebelled against

They might go from being a key to a shackle

Then it all starts again

X-men Apocalypse Movie Review

X-men Apocalypse is an average super hero movie. The problem is that it could have been great. To my mind Apocalypse is the coolest villain in the X-men Universe. What makes him cool is that he is immortal and able to grown in size. One of my favourite X-men cartoons was one where Apocalypse grows into the size of the Statue of Liberty or bigger and the X-men have to battle him in his gargantuan form. That’s what made him an awesome supervillan.  Sadly in the movie he comes across as just another characterless destroy-the-world bad guy. He doesn’t even make the mechanical sounds (which made his character more menacing in the cartoons) when he moves. The only time when Apocalypse does increase in size is during a brief unconscious sequence between him and Professor Xavier.

The Tragedy of X-men Apocalypse is that they could have given us something original by following the comic/ cartoons more faithfully. Instead we get to see more buildings being destroyed which after so many superhero movies is becoming rather stock.

The movie also suffers a bit from Wolverine’s absence. Sure, he is there for one scene/action sequence but that’s it. Unfortunately the rest of the cast is rather bland with only Jennifer Lawrence putting in a solid performance as Mystique.  Even Peters also wasn’t bad in his role as Quicksilver.

Despite these flaws there is no denying that this is an entertaining movie with plenty of great special effects.


I much prefer shadow

Unlike sunlight it does not burn

When you fall asleep bathing in it

It does not blind with its glare

Thou at times it is deep enough to hide

The tip of your nose and the world beyond it


I also prefer what happens in shadow

The activities of the night

The heat without light

I love the way shadow shines

On those corners long forgotten

The way it keeps the mystery

Until a hand reaches into the unknown

And is enlightened by touch alone

There among the shadow beams

Travellers from the emptiness

Far beyond the stars


Hi everyone

I just wanted to let whoever follows this know that I am taking a break from my weekly blog. I am finding it difficult to blog every week given the amount of work I have got to do on an almost daily basis.  Nonetheless, I will still post content on this site regularly and blog whenever I find the time. Thanks so much for all your support.

Love, love, love



My eyes widen when I try to sleep

My thoughts crowd me when I try to flee them

They line up for miles waiting to be thunk

Their queue stretches over the hills until morning

Each will get its turn

The last few prying their way in

Jostling for mind space

Just before the alarm clock rings

And frightens my dreams away

Sometimes I think I could be a vampire

My skin is white enough at least once a year

My teeth are likewise sharp

As for the drinking blood and draining others

I, having been drained night after night,

Sometimes think it is about time I do the biting

It Only Took a Moment

It only took a moment for everything to change

For the world to shed its skin and become something darker

Before everything had its place

Bad things happened

But nothing that couldn’t be mended

Or eventually forgotten

The world remained safe

And the bad things in it

Only ever happened to people far away

Then darkness came to my door

And entered without knocking

I begged it to go away

But it stayed without moving

Everything else had to rearrange around it

Now I weep for what was

For dreams that will stay dreams

And for the world that died

When the real world entered