Falter of Fortune

Oh tortured flight, Oh heavy strain

Know my wind will blow again

Oh kingdom lost where once I reigned

My will unbroken no matter how strained

Oh starkest loss, Oh fall from grace

That brings the truth face to face

Oh darkest hour your shadow cast

I’ll rise in power, once you have pasted

Oh falter of fortune, come to be

In this abyss I find the depth of me

Oh twist of fate, Oh divine door

That brings my spirit to the fore

Oh lowest low, oh bed made

Even the shadow has its shade

Sleep Little One

Sleep, Sleep,

Little one

Night is here,

Day is done

Let dreams stir

Beneath your brow

Nothing here

Can hurt you now


The kiss I lay

Upon your head

The words I say

Beside your bed

Are the secrets

Of my heart

Are but shades

Of what thou art


Dedicated to all the awesome women of the world, written on Woman’s Day 09/08/2016.


She is more than a helper

More than a mother or sister

More than a daughter whose laughter

Reminds her parents to smile

She is more than a listener

More than a lover

More than a counsellor

Or a survivor

She is balance

She is the breeze

That shapes mountains

She takes her time

Her strength strong enough

To never be violent

Her love as limitless as the sky

Into which she releases us