We are all beyond ourselves
Beyond our dreams and hopes
While we try to be ourselves
We are still learning the ropes

We must overcome ourselves
To become who we are
Once we finally are ourselves
We see we were never far


We have much to say to each other

And have been shook up

Like a champagne bottle

Ready to blow its cork

And be a foamy fountain


Thought bubble form above our heads,

Still we speak with great caution

And say nothing

That gets to the bottom of anything,

Fearing the eruption


Weary of idol chatter

Our thoughts bubbles float away

And we stay bottled up

Support Our Students in Pretoria

When I was in high school, I listened to heavy metal and wanted to grow my hair long. The school rules, however, prevented me for doing so. From my perspective this created a feeling of us and them among my teachers and I. It was in large part because of this that I saw my teachers as part of a system that had failed humanity.

Obviously the situation with the students in Pretoria is different because of South Africa’s history and where the students have come from. Nonetheless, I am sure that the restrictions on their natural hair creates the same sense of us and them. It creates a feeling of oppression rather than support and encouragement which is what we all want from our school. It also creates a sense of division at a time when South African of all colours more than ever need to listen to each other, respect our differences and come together. Therefore, I support and commend the students in Pretoria.