Here is a special poem that I wrote. It is dedicated to Nova Layn Sparrow Portman, a might warrior who is only a few months old. She was born with down syndrome and recently came through a heart operation. If anyone is interested please check out Amy’s (Nova’s inspiring mother) blog, see the link below. I am so proud of my cousin Robert and his wife Amy and the rest of the family surrounding them for how they are dealing with the situation.Eternal love to all of you

By Troydon Wainwright
Dedicated to Nova Layn Sparrow Portman

Oh gentle spirit how strong you are
Your tiny hands and feet
Your tiny arms and legs, body and head
Are filled with light
A light that shines on us every time you smile
And for that moment
All that is wrong in the world is made right
Like the star you are you colour our lives
And make us see things once hidden
Like the sun you warm us
Oh how we have already grown in your light

Oh gentle spirit it has not been easy
Here where every breath is a miracle
Where sometimes we hold our breaths to hear yours
Where your tiny heart fights for each beat
We are so proud of how you fight
Of how you do it with a smile
Know that our hearts struggle
Alongside your might heart
That all our lives we will love you
Our struggles make us strong
Oh gentle spirit how strong you are

When A Little One Enters

I hear the scamper of your little feet

And know that I am in for a thousand questions

As though everything in your world has yet to be named

And could be edible

As though clothes were silly except when it’s cold

As though mirrors were windows to a place

Populated with our twins

Who stared when we stared

And moved when we moved

As though tool were toys that made no sense

As though gardens were roofless places

Full of enigmas

As though flowers were just colorful things

That grew out of some other mystery