The Light Untame By Troydon Wainwright

The Light Untame By Troydon Wainwright Here it is the light untame The single, simple naked flame It is alive but does not bleed It eats itself and plants no seed You can see its soul if you stare And watch its pulse flicker, flicker, flair

Beyond the Road by Troydon Wainwright

Beyond the Road By Troydon Wainwright I walked as far As the road goes Then beyond the road To who knows where It was easy to get lost there With paths or signs anywhere I had no map or stars for guide All I had were vistas wide And the open air And being the first To travel that way I had no one to follow But destiny

It Only Took A Moment by Troydon Wainwright

t Only Took A Moment By Troydon Wainwright It only took a moment For everything to change For the world to shed its skin And become something darker Before everything had it’s place Bad things happened But nothing that couldn’t be mended Or eventually forgotten The world remained safe And the bad things in it Only ever happened to people far away Then darkness came to my door And entered without knocking I begged it go But it stayed without moving Everything else had to rearrange around it Now I weep for what was For dreams that will stay dreams And for the world that ended When the real world entered

I Am by Troydon Wainwright

I Am By Troydon Wainwright I am here I have always been I am all you see yet never seen I am the word on the tips of your tongues I am the breath that fills your lungs I am the fire you feel when you kiss I am the pressure in the belly of the abyss I am the night when the day is done I am the heat in the heart of the sun I am the swells of oceans deep I am the joy that makes you weep I am the mouth that breathes the wind I am the truth no lie can rescind I am the flame no water can dim I am the call from deep within I am the first ray of breaking dawn I am the cry of a babe just born I am the view from the top of the hill I am the place you go to when still I am the moment when all becomes clear I am the love that brought you here I am the rain that quenches the fields I am the harvest that patience yields I am the roots that anchor the tree I am the end of infinity I am the struggle that makes you strong I am the will to carry on I am the light of every sun I am the one in everyone

Be There By Troydon Wainwright

Be There By Troydon Wainwright I wish I could be everywhere Every place where I have been Every place where I have loved I wish I could be with everyone Everyone who has won my heart And reminded me why it beats I wish I could be with everyone And still be here I am here for me But how I would love to be There for everyone

Discipline By Troydon Wainwright


Discipline By Troydon Wainwright Whoever tells you it will be easy is lying Or has simply forgotten what it takes to get there The strength it takes is unimaginable No wonder so many give up And say it is impossible It takes so much more than time It takes the exclusion of everything That is not in its service It takes love too Because without love There will be no commitment It takes support beyond reason Many will think you insane Because you speak of a thing That has yet to exist And is only real inside your head Like a pregnant woman you must carry it You must endure labour Until it is out and crying in the world Where it will be embraced Because it is beautiful

The Ocean

The Ocean

By Troydon Wainwright

Ever do the oceans move

Never do they sleep

Ever do their motions soothe

Save in the stormy deep


Ever do the tides pull

To shore or far away

Ever are the oceans full

Under star or day


It matters not who you are

Or your earth bound name

The ocean calls us back to her

Back from where we came


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