The day will come when they will be true

When every word of them will be nodded at

And written in a book so made sacred

In the future people might even

Put their hands on its cover when taking an oath

Or being sworn into high office

Churches could be built around them

Prayers may rise to them

Inevitably there will be an alter

And sacrifices

Suffering in the name of healing

One day they could well be

The kind of system they rebelled against

They might go from being a key to a shackle

Then it all starts again

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Troydon Wainwright is a philosopher and Reiki Master based in Cape Town. Born with mild cerebral palsy and dyslexia, Toydon learnt to write as a way to overcome the barriers his dyslexia placed in front of him. “I wrote my way out of dyslexia,” said Troydon, “or at least to the point where reading and writing aren’t a problem anymore.” During the day he works as an educational facilitator (someone who helps special needs students cope academically and become more independent). At night he dedicates his time to writing. He has won a Nova award for his short story, The Sangoma’s Storm, and been a feature poet at the Off the Wall poetry readings in Cape Town and at Cape Town Central Library. Three of his poems were also included in the anthology Africa’s Best New Poets. He has also been published in the South African Literary journal, New Contrast. One of his Facebook posts, in which he took a stand against racism, has gone viral (

2 thoughts on “Ideals”

  1. Hi.
    Nice work. I have written a couple of poems how do I get them published?


    1. Thanks, Mpume. You can do a google search of South African poetry publishers, if you are in South Africa. The literary magazine New Contrast is one that I’ve had success with. Here is their submissions page ( just follow the instructions on the page. It is very difficult though to get published because all of the publishers get hundreds of submissions everyday. I submitted my poems for years without getting any of them published. My poems still get rejected fairly regularly. Nonetheless, you could get lucky. You should also join Writer’s World South Africa on Facebook and keep an eye out of any poetry contests which you can enter or for any publications that asking for submissions. If you would like to know more, let me know and I’ll get in touch. Best of luck, Troydon

      online just go to their submissions page here is there submissions page

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