I Am by Troydon Wainwright

I Am By Troydon Wainwright I am here I have always been I am all you see yet never seen I am the word on the tips of your tongues I am the breath that fills your lungs I am the fire you feel when you kiss I am the pressure in the belly of the abyss I am the night when the day is done I am the heat in the heart of the sun I am the swells of oceans deep I am the joy that makes you weep I am the mouth that breathes the wind I am the truth no lie can rescind I am the flame no water can dim I am the call from deep within I am the first ray of breaking dawn I am the cry of a babe just born I am the view from the top of the hill I am the place you go to when still I am the moment when all becomes clear I am the love that brought you here I am the rain that quenches the fields I am the harvest that patience yields I am the roots that anchor the tree I am the end of infinity I am the struggle that makes you strong I am the will to carry on I am the light of every sun I am the one in everyone

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Troydon Wainwright is a philosopher and Reiki Master based in Cape Town. Born with mild cerebral palsy and dyslexia, Toydon learnt to write as a way to overcome the barriers his dyslexia placed in front of him. “I wrote my way out of dyslexia,” said Troydon, “or at least to the point where reading and writing aren’t a problem anymore.” During the day he works as an educational facilitator (someone who helps special needs students cope academically and become more independent). At night he dedicates his time to writing. He has won a Nova award for his short story, The Sangoma’s Storm, and been a feature poet at the Off the Wall poetry readings in Cape Town and at Cape Town Central Library. Three of his poems were also included in the anthology Africa’s Best New Poets. He has also been published in the South African Literary journal, New Contrast. One of his Facebook posts, in which he took a stand against racism, has gone viral (http://www.troydonwainwright.com/when-love-went-viral/).

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